Window Cleaning

If you want your hard wood flooring to look as new, K & V Cleaning is the company for you. Whether your home has wood, vinyl, state, tile, marbled or any other form of flooring; our skilled staff will thoroughly bring back the authentic lustre of your flooring. Using a number of both traditional and high tech equipment, our hard floor cleaning services team offers the absolute best cleaning methods available for all kinds of flooring.
With us, rest assured that your floor will have no harm done - even to the most uncommon and unique of floors. All of our staff are regularly trained and fully qualified through Ashby's Cleaning Equipment.
Based on the level of dirt found on the floor, ‘buffing’ is a technique that is well suited for polishing damaged hard-flooring that we are well equiped to make use of. An experienced professional will give your floor a polish; utilizing a low-speed rotary device. This method means that it is much less risky for your floor, allowing for the perfect clean whilst no damage is done. Our solution is also all-natural and non-toxic.
In order to truly serve our customers, we offer 24/7 services and can clean Wood Floor, Laminate Floor, Stone Floor, Vinyl Floor . With our many satisfied clients across London, we are sure to deliver the best possible service.

 If you wish to see more information about our Window Cleaning service, please feel free to visit our Window Cleaning Pricing Page.   

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