Upholstery Cleaning West London

Delicate, precious and homely; we know how important quality care is for your furniture. With K & V Cleaning London, you can rest peacefully as our thoroughly trained upholstery technicians get to work whilst understanding the investment you have made into your furniture. Whilst using our services, you can be confident in knowing that we will truly care about the result of our work. We use an expansive range of remedies to treat your upholstery – calculating the best way to help you before getting a job done well.
Our experienced and trained staff, who are all thoroughly trained in upholstery treatments, will inspect the furniture before starting their work; considering desired outcomes whilst ensuring that our techniques don’t give up the calibre of the actual material.
If you wish to know more about our upholstery service, please feel free to visit our Upholstery Pricing Page.
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