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Life is short and busy. Why waste precious free moments on cleaning chores when you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your time while we return the shine to your premise? With us, you can benefit from high-quality cleaning services at an affordable price.


Our Pricing Policy

We believe in long-lasting relationships with our customers and which would hardly be possible if what we brought them was not satisfactory.

K & V Cleaning takes pride in its work and ability to deliver good results at very competitive rates. You will find that while our prices are most certainly not the lowest around, our services are well beyond what you will get for your money in most places. This is also one of the main things, allowing us to keep our team members motivated - lack of enthusiasm can easily turn any otherwise excellent service into a mediocre one.


Our Expertise

Few companies can compete with our expertise, as we go through a lot of effort to find the most qualified staff members. Not only do we hand-pick all of our employees, we also put them through a rigorous training regime, ensuring their capabilities well before we send them off to work on your premise.


Our Procedures

What is better than benefitting from exceptional results? After pondering on the question for a while, we have come to the only logical conclusion – benefitting from exceptional results quickly. And so we aim to deliver just that. Our teams strive to complete the tasks as efficiently and quickly as possible, all the while refraining from ever sacrificing quality or regulations for speed.
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Our teams are experienced in the delivery of the following services:



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