After Builders Cleaning


Have your premise in a pristine condition mere hours after the builders conclude their work. With us, you will never have to worry about the mess, left behind by construction teams at your home or office building. K & V Cleaning consistently delivers expedient, affordable and reliable after builders cleaning services to UK residents.

All buildings can use a bit of construction work and repairs every now and then. House and loft extensions, renovations, installations and new builds are great and all, but after the construction workers leave there is always a big mess. Our expert teams are at the ready to tackle the situation and return your premise to a pristine condition. Based on your preferences, we can take care of your new or renovated areas, leaving them shiny and spotless.


Why Choose the K & V London After Builders Cleaning Service?

The K and V London After Builders Cleaning service is fully focused on the delivery of an entirely hassle-free experience. Our experts hold your time and resources in high regard – they will always arrive on time and only operate within the lines of the signed contract. K and V cleaning London allows you to enjoy a comprehensive after builders cleaning service, from beginning to end. Booking and contacting our team takes just a few button presses (CONTACT US/ BOOKING FORM), bringing you total peace of mind and clarity.


Why choose us as your dedicated provider of London After Builders Services:

  • We have the experience. Do you? – Spend your time however you want to while our experienced London after builders cleaning services teams handle the cleaning process for you. With us there is no time loss and no hassles.
  • We have a full team. Do you? – We will do it faster and easier than any DIY operation would. Enjoy a professional London after builders cleaning service carried out by an entire team of dedicated and fully vetted experts.
  • We have the know-how. Do you? – Your precious home is in safe hands! Our long-time expertise in the delivery of London after builders cleaning services ensures that you can benefit from an expertly carried out operation avoiding risks and property damage.
  • We have a flexible schedule. Do you? – Our teams will arrive at your premise exactly when you need them and complete the operations with post-haste. The K and V London after builders cleaning services teams operate on a 24/7 schedule ensuring optimal client comfort and satisfaction.



Enjoy all of the positives


With our after builders cleaning service, you can enjoy the positive effects of the construction work without having to worry about any of the negatives. Even minor construction projects or repair work can create a situation well beyond the capabilities of most home owners. Why worry about getting rid of debris, dust, smudge and leftovers when you can simply sit back and relax for an hour or two while we work our magic?

Regardless of how good a construction company is, their job is a messy one. There are always leftover cement pieces, speckles of paint, tons of dust and dirt. Our teams offer a comprehensive package of after builders cleaning services, designed to handle and all situations. We will perform a thorough clean, removing all signs that a construction worker has ever set foot there.


The K & V After Builders Cleaning Service provides you with

  • Extensive Cleaning of Doors and Door Frames
  • Exceptional Cleaning of Skirting Boards
  • Radiator Cleaning
  • Window Frame and Sill Cleaning
  • Safe Light Switch and Socket Cleaning


Along with your after builders cleaning, you can also book a variety of related services, such as

  • Rug Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning


To learn more about our after builders cleaning service and have a look at our pricing, please visit our after builders cleaning pricing page.
If you would rather just get in touch with us directly, just call us on 02036333527.


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