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K & V Domestic Cleaning Services London
As a firm believer in long-lasting relationships with our customers, K & V Cleaning London strives to deliver the exceptional domestic cleaning services that your home deserves. We know that all homes are different and that each and every one of them has its specific needs. Our experienced teams concentrate their efforts on ensuring that all of these needs are met with utmost and professional courtesy.


Why Choose the K & V London Domestic Cleaning Services?

In line with our vision, we aim to provide you with completely hassle-free London domestic cleaning services. It is our understanding that if you wanted to deal with troubles of domestic cleaning, you would not hire a company to do it for you. With us, you can enjoy seamless London domestic cleaning services from beginning to end. Booking and getting in touch with our team requires the mere press of a button and you can relax in the knowledge that the cleaning process itself is carried out in line with the specific needs of your home.

Why choose us as your dedicated provider of London Domestic Cleaning Services:

  • We have the experience. Do you? – Spend your time with your friends and family while our experienced London domestic cleaning services teams do the cleaning for you. With us there is no time loss and no hassles.
  • We have a full team. Do you? – We will do it faster and easier than you alone would. Enjoy London domestic cleaning services carried out by an entire team of dedicated and fully vetted experts.
  • We have the know-how. Do you? – Your precious home is in safe hands! Our long-time expertise in the delivery of London domestic cleaning services ensures that you can enjoy exceptional results without any property or health risks.
  • We have a flexible schedule. Do you? – We will arrive exactly when you need us to and carry out the procedures without wasting your time. The K & V London domestic cleaning services teams operate on a 24/7 schedule ensuring optimal client comfort and satisfaction.



The benefits of a Well-Maintained home

How our London domestic cleaning services help you

Every home needs proper and frequent cleaning sessions. This means time off your schedule. Time that you should spend with your friends and family instead. As an established provider of London domestic cleaning services, K & V cleaning allows you to enjoy hassle-free cleaning procedures by fully vetted, insured and experienced teams.

  • Health benefits – a well-maintained home provides your family and pets with a healthy environment to live in. Our London domestic cleaning services experts are fully trained in working with all types of equipment and solutions that are both environment and health-friendly.
  • Clean means happy – Having your property cleaned regularly has an excellent mood-boosting effect. Everyone feels happier when living in a clean and well-maintained home.


Our London Domestic Cleaning Services team

The entirety of our London domestic cleaning services staff is fully vetted and insured. This allows us to bring you a highly personalised domestic cleaning service in line with the modern domestic cleaning practices. Prior to allocating our cleaning agents to customers, our staff undergoes a rigorous training period under the supervision of their respective group leaders. Only once we are fully satisfied with the abilities and performance of our recruits do we allow them to work on customer projects.


Our London Domestic Cleaning Services

Punctual, dependable and methodical expertise with the K & V London Domestic Cleaning Services

Our skillset, backed up by our extensive toolkit allow us to consistently deliver exceptional results, satisfying all of your needs without foregoing any health or safety requirements. Our London domestic cleaning services team will

  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Get rid of all the dust
  • Thoroughly clean wall tiles, bathtubs and showers
  • Deal with mould using relevant chemical products
  • Clean bath doorways thoroughly
  • Clean all mirrors and kitchen sink models
  • Clean and shine decorating mirrors and stainless fittings
  • Ensure that all lavatories, doorways and baseboards are cleaned – including cupboard leading
  • Wash and shine counter tops
  • Cleanse and shine taps, oven areas and microwaves
  • Vacuum and clean all flooring
  • Clean images/paintings
  • Return the shine in your lampshades
  • Wash your window blinds
  • Clean all of your windows and sills
  • Take care of your Carpets and wooden flooring


We take pride in our ability to uphold the highest standards of care and professionalism, so sought-after in UK households. Our teams constantly strive to provide you with exceptional London domestic cleaning services, aiming to surpass expectations at every step. We thrive on the feeling of a job well done and, as dictated by our mission, vision and values, our services are always offered for a very affordable price. Sure, you can find cheaper providers of London domestic cleaning services out there, but why settle for cheap and questionable when you can have affordable, experienced and competitive?

Should you require more information about our London domestic cleaning services, get in touch with us at 02036333527.













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