End of Tenancy Cleaning

Nearing the end of your property lease? We know that you want a tension free, no-nonsense move. Why stress? With our end of tenancy clean, you can be assured of a job well-done as we impart a thorough clean on the property. With K & V Cleaning, our rigorous clean will mean that you will no longer have to worry about getting that much-desired deposit/down payment back in your pocket. A true end of tenancy cleaning will ensure that your property is squeaky clean in-time for your landlord in London. Our cleaning team has many years of experience across London; applying the much beloved finish to a much beloved property. We do not cut corners. From the oven and the floor to the extractor and the fridge; everything gets cleaned whilst we provide all the necessary cleaning materials and equipment. We only equip the most up to date and eco-friendly items – washing away our competitors. We cater to all bathrooms and kitchens, making sure that when we do a job; we do it right. Kitchen area

  • Clean and shine all function areas.
  • Clean all cabinets, compartments; whilst clearing the area of all unneeded mess.
  • Clean kitchen sinks and taps – ridding them of limescale and applying what you want; shine.
  • Wall tiles will be degreased, cleaned and refined as needed
  • Stoves will be cleaned, and you can say goodbye to all accumulated grease.
  • Clean all nasty extractor muck.
  • Defrost your fridge; getting rid of all muck, mould and mess.
  • Clean dishwashers; in and out.
  • Clean rubber in the doorway, soap compartments and filter systems.
  • Clean outside-of-home appliances such as toasters, microwaves and pots.
  • All containers will be cleaned in and out.


  • Bath displays will be descaled, cleaned and refined.
  • Wall tiles will be heavily degreased, washed out and refined – say goodbye to mould and grout.
  • Your shower, container, taps, bath and fixtures will be become squeaky clean, de-scaled and dried out.
  • The bathroom itself will be de-scaled and as if it were new. Decorative mirrors? No worries – we’ll clean and refine them, too.
  • Dusting gentle fixtures, skirting, banisters radiators is also essential. All beds will be raised to allow for vacuuming, all flooring will be cleaned with appropriate specialist equipment. Windows, doorways, wood furnishings will all be carefully considered – in order to ensure proper care.

If you wish to know more about our End of Tenancy Cleaning service, please feel free to visit our End of Tenancy Pricing page.